Five players
make our system easy and ready to use
  • BBadges Issuer
  • BBadges Recipients
  • BBadges Auditing
  • BBadges for Developers
we bring digital credentials
into Web 5.0

BBadges includes a native Blockchain and KYC system fully developed in Switzerland and currently used in more than 20 Countries.

BBadges procedures and verification processes are under Edverso International Control.

With BBadges you can:

  • Access the Web 5.0;
  • Create your own Digital Credential;
  • Promote Skills under a global verification system;
  • Promote Value and Talents;
  • Protect and Clain Intellectual Property rights;
  • Create your own web solution, based on us.

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our five players

BBadges Issuer:

  • is a KYC verified professional or Organization;
  • has a public profile on LutinX Explorer (under Membership);
  • has a Blockchain BBadge issued from EdVerso International confirming its Accredited Status;
  • has the possibility to offer Blockchain access to every student/employee for free or at a very discounted price;
  • can build an educational supply chain;
  • can create multiple events based on Skills issued;
  • can promote Skills and Talents;
  • can generate Intellectual Property Paternity certificates for its learning projects;
  • can issue BBadges to every Student;
  • can provide legal certificates in PDF;
  • and much more.
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  • can collect BBadges with a full KYC verified Identity (adding a blue ribbon near its name) or simply through its email address (in this way a red cross will be put near the recipient name);
  • can archive, manage, and share every Skill and Digital Credential using its personal Booklet®;
  • Can create Verified Resumes adding the earned BBadges. He can share a QR, a short link, or the BBadge directly;
  • Can share BBadges on more than 40 Social media;
  • Can collect, manage, and share proven Voluntaries activities;
  • Can collect manage, and share sports results;
  • Can collect, manage, and share health emergency records;
  • Can share documents between users;
  • Can collect and manage shared document receipt;
  • Can access freely the Blockchain Intellectual Property Platform;
  • and much more.
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VERIFY digital credentials whenever you want with
  • Privacy is the RULE. The Recipients can manage, inside their Booklet, their Digital Credentials visibility, with just one Click. In this way every moment students and employees can show or hide their BBadges from the Public Search;
  • it is possible to search for the Name/Surname of the recipient;
  • it is possible to search for the name of the Issuer;
  • it is possible to search for the Skill issued;
  • it is possible to verify a digital credential issued with the Blockchain HashCode and with the Tokenized / Encrypted data;
  • it is possible to verify a Deep Sheet of the Issuer, Accredited in EdVerso;
  • it is possible to verify Membership Status for Recognized and Not-Recognized Professions;
  • it is possible to verify the Paternity of creations (music, video, art, software code, documents, articles, scientific contents, medical research… );
  • and every quarter new functionality will be added;
  • and much more.

BBADGES auditiNg:

  • Internal Audit – The Issuer grants access to its records for a law compliance auditing;
  • Internal Audit – Verify the presence sheets and compare them with the Blockchain timestamp of the single recipients;
  • Internal Audit – Verify the compliance with Identity verification for each recipient, linked to the educational or training activity;
  • Internal Audit – Verify and Approve/Reject the financial records about training activities;
  • Internal Audit – Develop a financial auditing report for the Public Administration Service regarding financed activities;
  • External Audit – verify through the LutinX public explorer if the timestamp corresponds to the financial record deposited by the issuers;
  • External Audit – verify single or multiple certifications for one or multiple verified recipients;
  • External Audit – verify single or multiple digital credentials in the reverse-engineering method, starting from the Hash, the Cryptographic signature, or the QR code deposited inside a Resume, or a public repository document.
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and, if you want to develop your own bbadges platform, bringing unique bbadges to your local ecosystem, this is your place.

BBadges for developerS:

  • can use BBadges API to integrate the KYC Platform in a few clicks;
  • can get Free KYC for 100,000 users;
  • can access our training center for a better knowledge of BBadges;
  • can design its BBadges;
  • can integrate BBadges technology inside its software and web solutions;
  • can access our basic WhiteLabel system;
  • can access our WhiteLabel Advanced system, for full application integration;
  • can create tools for Intellectual Property and Skills Traceability;
  • Bring all its old certifications inside the Public LutinX Explorer. We grant possibilities to work for multiple user identification solutions, based on email, date of birth, tax number, or government IDs;
  • Create new brands and services based on BBadges technologies;
  • Issue its own services, directly from its platform;
  • and much more.
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